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With the 4Life Loyalty Program, you can earn 15% back in
Product Credits each month and qualify to receive the bonus
product of the month. It’s our way of rewarding your commitment with 4Life.


Order your favorite 4Life products on automatic shipment!

You can unlock many of the benefits of the Loyalty Program by automatically receiving your favourite 4Life products each month.


15% back in Product Credits

We give you back 15% in form of product credits on the total LPs of your Loyalty Program order!

Product Credits for products of your choice.

You can exchange the product credits you accumulate for products of your choice.

Get the product of the month

Maintain your 125 LP Loyalty Program order and get the product of the month. 4Life gives you a special bonus product that you can share with your friends and family.

How Loyalty Program Works

Sign up in the Loyalty Program and get 15% in Credits to exchange for 4Life products. If you order is higher than 125 LP you’ll receive a bonus product selected by 4Life with your order.

New 4Life distributors and customers who sign up for the Loyalty Program can start redeeming Product Credits 60 days after their first 4Life order is shipped.

To maintain the credits obtained from the product, you must remain an active participant in the 4Life Loyalty Program by meeting the minimum requirements indicated in the terms and conditions.

4Life Institutional Program