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A wonderful opportunity for our Direct Sellers! 4 months qualifications start from Sep to Dec 21.

A glorious opportunity to come together as a 4Life family to Recognize, to Feel good, to Celebrate & enjoy each other’s milestones & success! We are looking forward to welcoming you in once-in-a lifetime experience at beautiful location Puri, Odisha.


Puri, Odisha

Qualification Period

Sep – Nov 2021

Visual Treat of Puri

Terms and Conditions 

  • The contest is from September to December 2021
  • The contest is open for all 4Life Direct Sellers residing in India only
  • The trip is not transferable
  • Qualifiers needs to maintain a good standing with the company
  • 4Life reserves the right to change / amend any / all terms and conditions of the content

Travel Reimbursements

  • For Bronze and above. 4Life India, will arrange the travel.
  • All qualifiers will be entitled for a special Cash bonus of ₹ 7,000 to choose their preferred mode of travel.